What we’ve learnt from self-isolation so far

What we’ve learnt from self-isolation so far

Like everyone else, we have been adapting to working from home and doing our best to stay inside during this time. It’s been lovely speaking to a lot of our ASPR network – including our gorgeous bloggers, press-contacts and celebrity friends! One thing we can take from this is that we are all absolutely in this together. We saw this more than ever with the ‘#ClapForCarers’ NHS appreciation which took place yesterday. You’re lying if you said you didn’t cry or get emotional!


We wanted to share some of the positive things we’ve learnt from staying inside! We also thought we’d share some of our favourite posts we’ve seen to inspire a great mentality 💗


Appreciation for key workers

There are so many wonderful workers we as society take for granted, and now more than ever, we are super thankful for them. We are a fortunate country to have the NHS healthcare we have, and also the other workers who are continuing to support the rest of us including supermarket workers, carers, courier drivers, teachers, factories and so on.


Self-isolating has created stronger communications

Contradictory to what self-isolating and social-distancing implies, we’re lucky enough to live in a world with amazing accessibility and able to contact anyone, anytime, anywhere. Where would we be without phones, Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media? We’ve been making sure to spend lots of time everyday speaking to family members, friends and colleagues! Now is the time to catch up with friends over a Zoom, text or normal phone call!


Clearing those drawers you always neglect & pile up wasn’t so hard

Most of our routines have changed including the time we’d usually spend travelling, going to the gym and seeing friends & family. Now, as busy-bodies we’re going through those parts of our homes where we normally wouldn’t bat an eyelash towards. If anything, it’s lovely to see the human appreciation restore over the minuscule items we love. It’s the little things in life after all which matter, and once life goes back to normal, we will forever be grateful for basic necessities!


Why didn’t we have House Party Before?

As I’m sure many of you have too, we’ve been loving all these video apps including House Party! Who doesn’t want to play virtual games in group video chat form?! Where we’re not able to visit our loved ones, this has been a life-saver and a great distraction to keep our minds at bay.


Healthy living & the importance of self-care

Our well-beings are all important, and now more than ever we are seeing the UK come together! How many of you have started walking more, running, cycling or yoga? We’ve loved seeing social media even becoming a more comforting place – with Instagram particularly – posts on our feeds are thoughtful, sensitive and real! It’s nice to see the number of positive quotes, thoughts shared and even funny moments which are also keeping us amused.


It’s hard not to get caught up in the constant updates and notifications on the global virus, but thankfully there are a lot of fantastic ways to distract us and to keep busy. There are some super reads and advice online for things to do including exercising, finally reading those books you wanted too, and our favourite… at-home self-pampering! We’d love to hear what you’re doing at the moment too – maybe you’ve learnt something new, you’ve picked up a hobby or you’re totally revelling in this staying in!


Here are some of the posts we’ve found great comfort in 😊



Make sure to check out this video which has entertained us this week!




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