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13 Feb The Plus Size Fashion Revolution

My name is Sarah, I am a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, I am also a Plus Size Lady, and guess what . . . I am still a human being, and a female one to that, despite being plus size.

I have been a larger lady for several years now, and in my late teenage years and early twenties, I was like any other girl/woman out there – I liked going out to pubs and clubs with my friends, and I liked to look good – hair, make-up and clothes.

So, why the hell is it only now in 2016 are fashion companies making amazing clothing for Plus Size ladies, and yet when I was going out and having fun, the only shop that sold anything g Plus Size was Evans – and only then if I wanted to look like a 40-year-old woman in frumpy black trousers, and a huge tent like top!

Going into town shopping with my friends would always be a nightmare, as they would go to Topshop, Mango, Dorothy Perkins and River Island, and there was me – sticking out like a huge sore thumb – I mean you might as well have put a neon sign above my head saying ‘Warning – Fat Person

And now – wow, like everything has changed, the amount of Plus Size and Curve ranges that are available now is incredible.

Some of my favourites out there are the New Looks Curve range, ASOS Curves, Dorothy Perkins Curves and River Island Plus.

There are so many fantastic items to choose from, with every piece being fashionable and designed to make you look and feel good about yourself, and not that you should be hiding away in a black oversized tent!

I now have a wardrobe that I am proud of wearing and I love going shopping now.

After all, us Plus Size girls deserve to look and feel amazing too, and no-one should ever make us feel that we are not worthy of feeling good about the clothes we wear and, more importantly feeling good about ourselves.

Written by beauty and fashion blogger Sarah Miles (Beauty Addict 32)

Her blog covers a range of different subjects such as: fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

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