Meet The Clients: Norvell Tanning

Meet The Clients: Norvell Tanning

With this heatwave upon us, you may find that it’s a little too hot to be out sunbathing or maybe you just don’t have time amongst your busy schedule, but summer glows must be maintained somehow. Let ASPR introduce you to the perfect sunless remedy, our client – Norvell Tanning!


Don’t just listen to us when we say we love Norvell. Professional spray tan artists have also rated Norvell as the number 1 sunless tanning brand! Containing a blend of botanicals which enrich the skin and anti-oxidants to help protect the skin and create a long-lasting tan.

Did you know?

Norvell Tanning is definitely the best in the business of bronze! For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are the tanning brand behind all those gorgeous tans you see on Strictly Come Dancing – they are always found backstage at showtime spritzing and spraying those toned legs and abs before the dancers head on stage to do their thing!


If you are looking for that perfect sunkissed bronze without any hint of orange, then Norvell Tanning products are for you. Using their award-winning formulas which are 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, Gluten-Free and Cruelty-Free which create a perfectly natural, sunless tan without the infamous ‘biscuit smell’ other tanning products are renowned for.

Here at ASPR we love sharing our must-have products. From beauty tips to must-have products, we love discussing our new favourite finds and our holy grails. Now, we have chosen our favourites and are ready to share with you our ‘must-have’ tanning products. From instant tanners to tanning mists, Norvell has you covered. Who doesn’t want to be glowing this summer?

Beckie’s Top Pick: 

1: ‘Ultra Vivid Revive – Skin Refining Scrub’ – £19.99 


“Exfoliation is a vital step in my tanning process. I always ensure I have a fresh and clean base to ensure my tan looks as good as it can. So, I love the ‘Renewing Sunless Exfoliator Body Scrub’ to exfoliate all the dead skin cells to make sure my skin is smooth and ready for tan application. It also ensures any old tan has been completely removed leaving my skin ready for a fresh tan. This one is perfect because it’s not too harsh on the skin and doesn’t leave it dry which a lot of exfoliators do.”

Jodie’s Top Pick:

2: ‘Norvell Ultra Vivid Collection One-Hour Rapid Sunless Mousse’ – £29.99 

 “When I’m in a rush or have last-minute plans, this is my favourite tan to use. Using the One-Hour Rapid Mousse means that I don’t have to wait too long to let it develop or dry. It leaves such a nice bronzed colour instead of orange and gives me a nice deep tan which I love for a night out!”

Kristi’s Top Pick:

3: ‘Venetian Gradual Self Tanner and CC Cream’ – £24.99 


“I love this gradual tan when I just want to keep my natural tan topped up. It looks so natural and is super easy to control as you apply it gradually. This means that I never come out looking darker than I wanted to. It’s essential to keeping my skin looking naturally sun-kissed. The CC Cream also keeps my skin moisturised so it’s a 2-in-1.”

Norvell’s Ultra Vivid collection

We would love to hear what your ‘holy grail’ Norvell products are or let us know if you have been inspired by the ASPR team and are going to try one of our favourites. Don’t forget to tag us and let us know on @alexsilverpr.



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