KISS x Festival No.6

KISS x Festival No.6

KISS X Festival No.6

On Friday 7th September we took 6 gorgeous influencers with us to Festival N°6 in Portmeirion, Wales, on behalf of KISS Nails and Lashes.

Wow! Has it already been a week and a half since we got back from our exciting trip? As you know by now, we’re always on the go at Alex Silver PR – but now have finally got a moment to fill you in on the action. If you’ve not been to FN6 before, we highly recommend it. The festival location is stunning, with picturesque scenery with every corner you turned. Set besides the Snowdonia coast, the architecture felt like we had left the UK and stepped off a plane in an Italian coastal town, when really the colourful setting wasn’t far afoot.

The location of KISSxfn6

Beautiful scenery at FN6

We visited the festival with KISS, ready to create the perfect interchangeable looks for everyday day-to-night glam using their imPRESS nails and gorgeous range of Lashes. We had daily pampering sessions with our KISS Nail and Lash offerings, creating new looks easily and effortlessly – with all the girls loving their looks.

Gina applying her KISS lashes at KISSxfn6

Gina applying her KISS lashes 

KISSxfn6 festival dining nails

KISS x FN6 Festival Dining 

Of course, being the glamorous brand that is KISS, we went Boutique Camping, with every tent maxed out with festival essentials and KISS glam. During our fun weekend, one of our activities was experiencing a wood-fired hot tub session with champagne – definitely not your usual festival occurrence. The hot tub had panoramic views overlooking the sea and festival grounds. We were treated to daily breakfasts in Deudraeth Castle – living like real princesses! Not only that, but we had dinner on the last night at Clough’s, a real culinary experience and Michelin starred restaurant with renowned chefs. What more could you want?

Hot tub experience at KISSxfn6

Hot tub hangout!

There was a little bit of rain to remind us we were still in the UK, however, we had a brilliant weekend away with a lovely group of girls, being glammed by KISS. Although KISS has proven to be festival essentials, the lashes and nails come in so many styles and colours that they are perfect all year round (party season is just around the corner – hello glittery imPRESS Nails!), with no need of booking an appointment in with the salon, you can simply apply the nails and lashes on yourself within minutes.

KISS Nails and Lashes packing for KISSxfn6

Travelling in style with a Lulu Guinness case filled with KISS goodies 


Lastly, we’d just like to thank our gorgeous influencers who came along and gave us a fabulous weekend:

Erika (@erikasaccone)

Louise (@hauteonlife)

Ropo (@ropo.demure)

Meg (@megsays_)

Gina (@ginafaria)

Leaving the festival

Leaving the festival 



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