Karen Betts hosts Gift of Confidence at Sanderson

Karen Betts hosts Gift of Confidence at Sanderson

Queen of Brows Karen Betts hosts highly anticipated Gift of Confidence Event 

Where: Sanderson Agua Spa 

When: 11th April 2018

Karen Betts – the UK’s #1 Permanent Cosmetics artist and Bupa-registered Paramedical tattooist – hosted her annual event called ‘Gift of Confidence‘ where she works closely with charities and inspirational people who have faced immense challenges and struggles in their lives and overcome them with incredible inner-strength.

As a renowned talent and pioneering force in her field, Karen gives back the priceless gift of confidence through microblading and permanent cosmetic treatments. From burns to hair loss, Karen uses her work to help various individuals who have lost their confidence allowing them to feel comfortable and happier in themselves.

This year’s Gift of Confidence was an inspiring and heart-warming event made even more special with co-hosts Katie Piper, along with amputee and motivational speaker Alex Lewis. Along with her four VIPs (Very Inspirational People), it was definitely a day to remember. The powerful stories of these VIPs; Carly Barratt, Diana Armstrong, Tracy Dickinson and Sophie Harris were recorded throughout the day and played to our audience as the evening commenced, showing everyone their transformations but also the fun they had with Karen throughout the process.

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Images by Andy Oliver

Karen Betts, spent the day with Carly, Diana, Tracy and Sophie to restore their confidence in their physical features that have been affected by illness, adversity or struggles they had been contending with from birth. With permanent makeup such as lip and eyeliner treatments or microblading for sparse or non-existent helped to make the VIPs feel more ‘themselves’ again. The ladies had not met each other previous to the event, but after a few short hours, there was an instant connection and affinity between the group of ladies.

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Carly Barrat from Colchester, Essex has alopecia and although at first, she wanted to hide away from the world – she decided to start a wig consultancy and use her own experience to help and guide others. She volunteers for Alopecia UK, Changing Faces and gets involved in many media projects so that she can make a difference to society’s perception of the beauty ideal.



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Diana Armstrong from Chiswick was diagnosed with lung cancer shortly after finding out that her sister and best friend had also been diagnosed and then passed away. In such a short space of time to comprehend what had happened and then dealing with her own illness, Diana was faced with a great deal to cope with. After vigorous chemotherapy and radiotherapy appointments plus surgeries to remove the cancer and lymph, she is now fighting fit – back to work with the all clear in her health.

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Tracy Dickinson from Nottingham was homeless from the very young age of 14 but has presently overcome this obstacle in her life and runs ‘Tracy’s Street Kitchen’ in central Nottingham, cooking for and feeding the homeless. Tracy feeds approximately 130 people every Friday night. She organises clothes, sleeping bags and toiletries for the homeless, despite being unemployed at this time, she is actively seeking work but still manages to bring a team together every week to look after ‘her homeless family’.


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Sophie Harris from Devon was born with a club foot, which caused her a great deal of pain. She has endured various surgeries, finally having her leg amputated in February. Sophie is currently training to be an Endurance Athlete for the GB Paralympic rowing on the Development squad Nationally Classified, soon to be international.



Later in the evening as press and guests started to arrive – we were greeted by Katie Piper another inspiring individual who has overcome many obstacles throughout her life. Katie hosted the event, followed by motivational speaker Alex Lewis, quadruple amputee who has never failed to live life to his very fullest as an adrenaline junkie with his love for extreme sports.

As ‘Gift of Confidence’ was the theme of the evening, we remember an important message that Katie reflected upon. Katie explained that confidence is not just about feeling great in our appearance, although it is great to regain part of ourselves in this way. Confidence is also training ourselves to live our best lives, supporting each other and our selves mentally, emotionally and what was important for these ladies was having that sense of normality again. The transformations that Karen Betts had given these women was the starting point for what is to come – it allowed each of them the chance to feel confident and more like themselves again.


Pictured above and below – Karen Betts hard at work with Carly and Sophie mapping out brows and creating the perfect natural look with her state of the art microblading tool.


As the evening came to an end, and after some very inspirational messages, everyone conversed together and spoke in detail about the treatments, the day’s events and personal experiences. The Agua Spa at the Sanderson was the perfect setting for friends to gather, surrounded by ceiling to floor length draped curtains and a calm fountain feature all keeping with the calmness and beauty of the evening.

We would love to give a special thanks to Karen Betts, our host Katie Piper, Motivational speaker Alex Lewis, our beautiful VIP guests and to everyone else who came to share the experience with our team.

Love ASPR x

For more information on Karen Betts’ Gift of Confidence please visit the official website

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