Guest Post: Hand Luggage Only Beauty


18 Apr Guest Post: Hand Luggage Only Beauty

When travelling abroad I love the ease and speediness of going hand luggage only. No queuing to check-in bags, which also means a slightly extra lie in and not so much of a rush to get to the airport! The only downside is the 100ml liquid restriction which, for a beauty addict, can be very difficult when choosing what to sacrifice to ensure all my products squeeze inside the dreaded clear plastic bag ready to be inspected.


Luckily I’ve recently mastered these top tips to make packing beauty products a breeze!


·         Eliminate the problem

As there is a restriction on liquids, cut down on them. Opt for solid soap instead of liquid shower gel and get yourself a solid shampoo and conditioner bar too. LUSH do a great range of solid haircare – you just lather them up in your hands in the shower like a soap, rub them through your hair and rinse. They save on packaging so are much better for the environment and last a lot longer than your regular travel-size haircare products.


Montalbano, £6.25 /55g


The same goes for liquid makeup. When I go abroad I switch my liquid foundation for a mineral powder base such as Bare Minerals.


Bare Minerals, £26.50

·         Go Mini


Admittedly, we all love stocking up on travel toiletries in Boots and often can’t help cooing over a super cute teeny tiny deodorant can or mini perfume. The ‘minis’ section is always an option, but can sometimes work out expensive, so save up minis throughout the year instead.


Nivea Travel Essentials, £7.50


We often get mini free samples of skincare, body wash and makeup in magazines or free with purchases in department stores, so I like to store mine in a basket so they’re ready when I need them and there’s no need to buy something new or decant products into travel-sized bottles. Look out for Bonus Time purchases in department stores such as House of Fraser, Debenhams and John Lewis, where you will often get a load of mini products free when you buy two skincare or makeup products.


·         Invest in Multitaskers


Why have hundreds of separate products when you can condense down your toiletries bag to some staple products that have multiple uses? Coconut oil is a great place to start. You can scoop a small amount of a tub and put it into a travel pot then use it as a cleanser, moisturiser and hair oil.

 11Sister & Co, £6.95

For makeup, I love two-in-one blusher and lipsticks like Clinique Chubby Stick, NARS the Multiple and The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Universal Velvet Stick.


Clinique Chubby Stick, £15.30


Written by beauty blogger, Natalie Garland at

Natalie is a journalism graduate, blogs about beauty and lifestyle and works in PR.

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