Guest Post: Make Up Mistakes and How To Fix Them


27 Mar Guest Post: Make Up Mistakes and How To Fix Them

We all make mistakes, although a lot of the time they can be funny to look back on I can definitely testify that cutting your own hair and over plucking your eyebrows isn’t recommended.

But what about make up mistakes? There have been many times when I’ve looked back over my tagged photos on Facebook, seen my mismatched foundation and smudged eyeliner and wished someone could have told me! So here are my top beauty blunders, and how to fix them.


Applying Makeup To Un-moisturised Skin

We’ve all been there, getting ready in a rush in the morning and you forget to apply any moisturiser, the next thing you know you’re looking in the mirror and staring back at you is a face of patchy, flaky skin. I always try and incorporate moisturiser as a part of my make-up routine, almost like a pre primer, its pretty much the first thing that hits my face in the morning. I combine this with a weekly face mask to ensure that my foundation never clings to any dry patches.

Over Powdering

My skin type is oily, and as a result it means I usually try and overcompensate with the amount of powder that I apply. In the past I’ve used translucent powder that contains silica – this ingredient causes terrible flashback in photos and many times than I care to admit I’ve come out looking like a ghost in pictures. I’ve now learnt that less is definitely more, and I use powder sparingly and blend to within an inch of my life. Another top tip is to get someone to take a picture of you using flash just before you go out, that way any unblended or over-powdered areas will be highlighted and you can make sure your make up looks camera ready!

Eyeshadow Fallout

I love a glittery eyeshadow but the main problem with them is that you usually get an excessive amount of fallout. Before now I’ve applied all my makeup, started on my eyes and ended up with big flecks of glitter underneath my eyes and mixed in with my concealer – not a good look! These days I leave any concealing to last, that way I can wipe off any glitter fallout and start with a clean base!

Matte Lip Products and Dry Lips

Matte lipsticks look great but they are definitely known for clinging to every dry patch on your lips. Make sure you use an exfoliator on your lips regularly, the Lush lip scrubs are a brilliant choice.

Overdrawing Your Eyebrows

I have a love hate relationship with my eyebrows, sometimes they look exactly how I want them to, and other days I can do nothing with them! What I have found however is that when going to fill them in I avoid filling in the entire brow, as they can look quite cartoonish if I do. I generally tend to lightly fill the tails in to give them a nice shape and then brush through an eyebrow gel to keep them looking natural.

Applying Too Much Blush

I’ve been slightly heavy handed with my blush in the past, leaving me looking more embarrassed than glowing. My skin is quite pale and I find that baby pink colour blush generally works the best for me. I use a fluffy blush brush and apply with a very light hand to the apples of my cheeks

Why not let me know your biggest make up mistakes in the comments? How have you learnt from them?



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Sophie is a 25 year old beauty blogger who works for a fashion company in London. She enjoys writing about her favourite make up items, wedding planning and her travel adventures.

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