Why we are saying goodbye to Dry-January… Anti-Dry Jan?

Why we are saying goodbye to Dry-January… Anti-Dry Jan?

We have started the new era of 2020, but this time something is a little different. Starting in 2013, January became the nominated month for millions of Brits to recover from all the Christmas cheer and to have a break from alcohol. At Alex Silver PR, some of our team has decided that this year they aren’t partaking in Dry January, but instead doing, how they say, “Damp January”. As a team, we have decided that the idea of regularly breaking up from alcohol is more beneficial than only cutting it out for a one-month period of the year.

It’s a new decade after all, therefore a brighter way of thinking. We have decided this will only be for one chosen week, every month. Overall, we are cutting down our alcohol consumption up to three times more than we would if we would’ve done Dry-Jan!


Behind our pink door in Piccadilly, we have concluded that re-evaluating our relationship with alcohol shouldn’t stop after February the 1st. We don’t think January should be about feeling guilty for sipping on a glass of prosecco with your friends, but instead, it should be about being in control of your habits. For most Brits, getting past that first week of work after a couple of weeks rest is hard enough (let alone not being able to enjoy an after-work tipple.) Besides, what would an evening at an ASPR event be without some bubbles?

The best part of this is, it works around our schedule! Sometimes we are partial to a glass of wine at lunch, or hey – we may find ourselves hosting a Beauty event and raising a glass to cheers on a Tuesday! Whatever it may be, you can tailor this “challenge” to yourself. This way, it makes those Saturday bottomless brunches and the dedicated girls’ nights an even better event to look forward to.


On the plus side, in addition to the potential benefits for our health, an average of 86% of participants save money in the month of January, so imagine the money you could save after 12 weeks… Just in time for Christmas! You’ve basically gifted yourself a facial in time to celebrate (if we dare mention it) the next new year. Now, one week per month dedicated to not drinking doesn’t sound too challenging, does it?


The ASPR team have decided to keep our positive mindset and take control whilst walking into this new year. We’ve come up with a realistic solution and know we can all cut back using little steps without feeling like we are taking on another yearly challenge or resolution. We’re looking forward to it.


Don’t worry, when you pop in to see us for your Norvell Spray Tan or facial, we’ll have a glass of your choice waiting for you.

Let us know if you are joining in with Dry January, and what you think of the idea of spreading it across the year!


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Love ASPR x

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