Gail Porter’s Brow-Over by Queen of Microblading Karen Betts

Gail Porter’s Brow-Over by Queen of Microblading Karen Betts


This month the gorgeous Gail Porter celebrated Alopecia Awareness Month by deciding to seek help defining her brows from the Queen of Microblading, Karen Betts. Since being diagnosed with Alopecia some years ago, Gail has tried an array of eyebrow pencils and powders but she says that nothing looked quite natural enough.


Gail’s brows pre-treatment.


“Honey told me to just stop drawing them on! I could never really get them to look right. Recently my eyelashes grew back which has been amazing, getting them back got me thinking that maybe I’d like to have my brows back too.

img_6214I have to admit, I was nervous to have a Microblading Treatment after so long without brows but Karen worked with me to create a natural look in a beautiful light colour. I’m so chuffed with my new brows, they’ve left me feeling fabulous, confident and flirty! I couldn’t be happier with my brows from KB Pro, I never knew how fantastic Microblading was. I was nervous that they would look unnatural but they don’t! I’d recommend the treatment to all girls, it’s going to be so easy in the mornings waking up with my brows already done.”  Gail Porter


We love Gail’s new look, what a fab job by Karen Betts!

If you’re interested in a brow treatment with the Queen of Brows herself, visit



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