Guest Post: Five New Year Trends We’re Not 100% Sold On


30 Jan Guest Post: Five New Year Trends We’re Not 100% Sold On

It’s the time of year when fashion mags and fashions blogs are full of projections for the year ahead. Most the time we can get enough of all the new looks and fresh trends coming our way, but, occasionally there’s one or two fashion predictions that we just can’t fully get on board with…

‘Blorange’ locks..


Firstly, let’s set the record straight on this ‘colour’. There is a big difference between luscious rose gold locks or peachy blonde tones. Blorange, in our opinion, defines neither of these. We are very concerned that there will be a influx of bright orange balayage heads bobbing about the highstreet if we’re not careful…

Patchwork Denim
While this is definitely a cute variation of the classic denim jean, we feel like people are perhaps taking patchwork denim a little too far. They just don’t look quite right to us – and we prefer our jeans to last us a few years, not go out of fashion within a season.




We love lazing about in our trackies and a huge hoodie as much as the next person, but heading on a bug GNO in some skinny joggers and a cropped jumper? Probably not the best look…

Unicorn Eyeliner



This actually goes for all unicorn related paraphernalia. The new year seems to have kicked of a nationwide obsession with this mythical creature, and we’re really not feeling the magic. From unicorn hair, to unicorn nails, girls everywhere have even starts drawing unicorn eyeliner. They’re not real, and you’re not five anymore, so maybe just stick to black flicks instead?

‘Slogan’ Hats

Popular examples of these oversized caps and beanies don messages like, “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS,” “SLAY”, “FLAMES” – or some other attempt on a witty slogan across them. They were reasonably cute and somewhat funny at first, (if worn by 15-year-olds), but now we’ve seen fully grown adults sporting them and really, they need to be stopped.

We’re not saying we hate these looks – we don’t want a unicorn revolt on our hands! We’re just not sure they’re what we want to be seeing everywhere in the coming year.

Written by Beth Pembrook – freelance writer for a number of online publications.

Beth works chiefly within the fashion and beauty sectors as both a researcher and content producer, but also writes about health, business and lifestyle.

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