Bring the Salon to your Door!

Bring the Salon to your Door!

Bring the Salon to your Door!

During this strange time of staying at home and not being sure what to do, we think it’s a great idea to pick yourself up with a bit of pampering, (we know it always lifts our moods)! Whether you want to get a sun-kissed bronzed look, treat your hands and nails after all this hand washing or give your skin some TLC with a facial… we know exactly what you need.

Tanning to You!

Want that salon finish tan, without taking the trip? Norvell has you covered! For a salon-sleek glow, it’s all in the skin prep… so begin with the Renewing Sunless Exfoliator, this gentle but effective formula will renew and revive your skin giving you the perfect base for a long, glowing tan.

Then use the Venetian Self-Tanning Mist for the body to give you a natural and radiant tan that will have you feeling you’ve had two-week tropical break. This micro-fine spray will leave you with an even, streak-free golden tan with its unique anti-orange bronzer pigments. For the face, Norvell has the perfect formula in the Venetian 4-Faces Facial Spray to give you that sun-kissed glowing skin, containing a blend of instant and long-lasting bronzers comprised of violet and bronze tone hues.


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Mani from Home!

No time for the nail salon? With everything from polishes and cream to everything in between, look no further than Leighton Denny Expert Nails.

You can get your nails ready for a fresh set with Top That removal system or Remove and Go to remove gels or varnish whilst protecting the nails, making them healthy and strong, without any damage. The Crystal Nail File will turn nail edge into dust with its finest crystal led. The range of treatments offered by Leighton Denny are endless, including the Remove & Rectify Cuticle Remover, moisturising the nail bed, Miracle Drops, which speed up polish drying time whilst adding lustre to both nails and cuticles! Nourish you hands with a Best Defence hand cream or a Rejuvenate Hand Mask. Then pick your favourite High-Performance Nail Colour and Voila! Salon-sleek nails at home!

Facial in a Box!

Don’t slip on skincare during this time; replenish it with Crystal Clear! With an endless range of products to help every skin type, you don’t need to see a professional for a facial, Crystal Clear will look after your skin.

Want to brighten and hydrate your skin, use illuminate to promote a healthy glowing complexion. Do you suffer from problematic and oily skin? Give your skin a super cleanse with the Soothing Cleansing Gel, its cucumber extract moisturises and soothes while amino acids rebalance and revitalise. Another unique invention from Crystal Clear is The Chopstick Facial provides instant firming and wrinkle smoothing fix while hydrating the skin, simply roll up and outwards over the neck and face to provide a quick hydration boost while creating firmer, more lifted, fresh dewy skin and instantly reducing puffiness around the eye area. So, what’s not to love, give yourself a facial by the award-winning Crystal Clear.


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Take care of yourselves during this time, sending everyone lots of love,


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