New Arrival! Versaspa Pro Automated Tanning Booth

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05 Jul New Arrival! Versaspa Pro Automated Tanning Booth

Hi everyone, we’re back with some exciting news!

The ASPR girls are here to save you from to terrible spray tans, for good. NEW to the UK is the Versaspa Pro Automated Tanning Booth – this incredible booth has just arrived at the Alex Silver PR salon and we’re here to tell you the results are FABULOUS!

Upon entering the booth or the first time we instantly felt comfortable. It’s a semi-private booth with no therapist in sight! You feel completely at ease – go  in the nude or wear disposable underwear – note that mean’s no tan lines, ladies. Press the green button inside the booth to start your Versaspa spray tan, and let the soothing automated voice instruct you through the experience step by step…


If you’re a spray tan obsessive (like us) and are often worried about being too dark, or not dark enough – don’t fret. With the self-selective programme you can build your own bespoke tanning experience. Choose from a full body spray tan – or just legs or face. If that wasn’t enough, you can completely customise your tanning experience down to ‘add-ons’ such as moisturisation treatments and a skin perfectors.

Our personal favourite add-on right now is the skin perfector (you can have this on its own, or in addition to your spray tan). This skincare formula is great for anyone with blemished skin, varicose veins, or uneven skin tone. Almost like a BB Cream for your body! We definitely felt Instagram-ready after trying the skin perfector. Versaspa’s formulas are all cruelty free which we love. It’s also Paraben and Gluten free! The tanning formulas are infused with marine algae to detoxify, firm and rejuvenate the skin.


The Versaspa is the only spray tan booth giving you the ‘spa’ feel. Its premium exterior, high tech features, warming internal heating and drying features will make you feel like you have just had a spa experience in your lunch break!


We have had celebrities coming in to try the Versaspa and loving the results. Sam Fox- being on stage and touring is no stranger to self – tan, and she really enjoyed a full body Ultra Pro Monterey at level 4. We all know she loves her golden glow and she looks great! Another amazing result is from Megan and Holly who both say “The warm air was so relaxing and comfortable” Megan then says “The semi private feature makes me feel very comfortable and the solution doesn’t have any harsh smells at all!”

The Versapsa Pro Tanning Booth is currently looking for a Salon to call home in order to give someone else the amazing tanning experience, included with a month of free PR support from us! if you know anyone who is in need of holiday glow then get in touch. We hope you enjoy your experience with Versaspa!


Megan Tan

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